How to Make Music Using Your Laptop

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In the past, you need to have a musical instrument in order for you to make music. Today, you can make your own beats even without using a single musical instrument. All it takes is just a laptop or a desktop computer and a beats making software and you are good to go. But aside from the two, you may also need a good quality sound system that produces powerful resounding sounds.

The beats-making software is your doorway to a lucrative music career where you can be a famous superstar one day. But before you can get to that, you must first learn the ins and outs of using the software so that you can quickly and easily make your own beats.

As a start, you have to choose which brand to use. There are several brands to choose from. One of the highly-recommended brands is DubTurbo because it has a user-friendly interface. Aside from that, it comes with video tutorials that walk you through the process on how to make music using the program.

It is well-equipped with many features that further squeezes out your creative juices. One of the features that you should try using is the 10 pad drum machine that lets you move around different sounds, change your kit selections, and export tracks and drums.

If you like to build hot beats, edit volumes, and draw in sounds with keyboard shortcuts, then use the track sequencer. The octave keyboard is a fundamental feature that you need to master. This will let you change your instrument selections on the fly, edit each sample volume, and draw in melodies with keyboard.

For a quick start, just load one of the numerous sample collections and edit the beats accordingly based on your desired rhythm. These are the things that you need to learn first. Afterwards, you can proceed to learning the more advanced features of the software Read More.

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