Tips on Making Your Own Hip Hop Beats

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Hip hop music is a unique genre that is mainly characterized by stylish rhythmic of sounds accompanied by rap chants and rap drums. This is also popularly known as rap music, which is quite common in disco houses and dance parties. This is one of the easiest beats to make, as long as you have […]

Choosing Between Downloadable and Online Beat Makers

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There are basically two main types of beat making programs today; they are the online beat makers and the downloadable music maker. Which one should you choose? To better decide between these two choices, it is best to know the pros and cons of each option. The Online Option One of the major advantages of […]

How to Make Music Using Your Laptop

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In the past, you need to have a musical instrument in order for you to make music. Today, you can make your own beats even without using a single musical instrument. All it takes is just a laptop or a desktop computer and a beats making software and you are good to go. But aside […]

Fair and Just DubTurbo Review

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This quick dubturboreview will not only show you the good things about the product, but its disadvantages, as well. A 360-degree perspective of the brand that gives you a short glimpse of the pros and cons will help you better assess if DubTurbo is truly up to your expectation. The first thing to look for […]

Tips on Choosing the Ideal Music Making Software for You

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Music lovers, like you, are now lucky because there are available resources that allow you to make your own music with ease, and without spending too much money. In fact, some tools will let you create music even without using a single musical instrument. All you have to do is to use music making software, […]

The Best Way To Be A Professional In Music Production With Music Making Software

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The wobble maker is the feature to look for if you want to insert deep oscillating bass in your musical piece. Therefore, make sure that the software is fully equipped with a wobble maker that allows you to create your own wobbles, and it has several oscillators for added flexibility. This can give you the […]

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